Sarah Simmons

Sarah Simmons is a mixed media artist who lives and works in Moon Township Pennsylvania.  She creates pieces from unwanted, damaged, and leftover materials. Her focus is creating functional work for the viewer to interact with.  She is a current member of West Hills Art League and Pittsburgh Society of Sculptors.  She has exhibited regionally and nationally.     In 2011 she created her company In Your Clutches which specializes in bags and jewelry made from recycled and unwanted fabric and paper.  Sarah creates seasonal and themed displays using recycled paper from books for Moon Township Public library where she also works in circulation.  Sarah has a BFA from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in jewelry and metalsmithing and an AA in studio art from Montgomery College in Rockville Maryland.

material driven

Books preserve history, people, ideas, movements.

Fabric and clothing can tell their own story. 

Scrap wood creates another setting.

When I create a piece of jewelry, bag , notebook or bookmark from these items I aim to preserve those ideas, words, fiber and feel.  I find these pieces fullfiling because of the joy they bring to the wearer or user.  They also serve as material studies for my larger more complex idea focused work.

Idea Driven

I manipulate and assemble ordinary objects in unexpected ways to create stories about the experience of being human and fallible.  The majority of materials I use are unwanted, discarded, or purchased secondhand. I aim to explore how our experiences affect the way we relate to each other, the environment, history and ourselves.  By using materials that have been discarded by their original owners, or thrown away as trash, I gain a more personal and intimate view of the subject as well as ease the environmental impact.   I enjoy making art that asks for participation from the viewer, such as pulling, cutting, flipping, sitting on, or putting together like a puzzle.

In Your clutches/repurpposing text and textile